Recovering the Ruins part 4

Leaving the command center, the party next traveled to the locked rooms just east of the sickroom. It didn’t take Chayren long to devine that these three rooms had been used more recently than the fall of Karat. The locks that sealed these doors were crude but effective, the make of ogres. It was Nadal who realized the significance, “These rooms must have been used by the armies of the Ogre King when they invaded from the islands about a hundred years ago.”

Oblivious to Nadal’s insights, Chayren was already hard at work on the first of the three locks. “Must everything in this hole be trapped?” No sooner had the words left his mouth and his fingers began their intricate work on the trap when a grating click was heard and Chayren slumed to the floor unconcious.

Titus was the first to react. Stepping forward he imidiatly placed his healing powers over Chayren, reviving him. Several moments passed before Chayren’s head was once again clear enough to stare his avarsary in the keyhole once more. “It was a bloddy needle! I can see it tucked just within the keyhole.” Sounding discouraged Chayren shook his head. “I don’t think that I can even reach it to disarm it. The trap seems to trigger if I so much as bump the lock.”

“I think I have an idea” Titus moved forward to take Chayren’s place. Mass confusion overtook the face of nearly every member o the party. If the trap was beyond Chayren’s nimble fingers, and of Ogre make, and therefore too sturdy to bash off, what was Titus to do? “Everyone stay back.” With no more warning, Titus forcibly bashed his shield into the lock. The same audible, grating click was heard, but this time it was followed by an imidiate and sharp ‘ping’. “Take a look at it now would you Chayren?” Titus stepped back to let his companion have a closer look.

Chayren peered into the keyhole and chucled, “Well, that needle won’t be poking anyone else anytime soon now will it?” It took little effort to pick the lock and despite another grating click, no needle protuded again from the keyhole. His work done, Chayren stepped back fromt he the picked lock and looked down the wall to the other two locks, then to Titus, “After you sir.” Chayren motioned with a grin.

Titus and Chayren made quick work of the remaining traps and lock and soon all three doors stood open. Glimmering from within the darkness were the tell-tale signs of a rich orc horde. As a quick visual inventory calculated several hundred peices of gold worth of treasure for each room, Titus spoke up. "This bounty, though unepected, has already been claimed by the Wizards. We can leave them to sort and collect the contents of each room.

((To be continued…))



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