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The world of Elaythia has played host to many, many different campaigns over the years. Each group of players writes the history that the next group uses as legend and lore. Some of the most exciting stories of this world have been those that have been told by one group building upon the story of a previous group. In this way, the ever changing world of Elaythia is full of great possibilities and a lore that gives great credit to the boys, girls, men and women who have graced basements, kitchen tables, and gaming store rooms as they spun solid gold out of words on a page. I take credit only for the basis of the world as well as the collection of ideas that make the playground, I am so in awe of everyone who has given so much creativity to this world.

Through this wiki I will try to rebuild years of campaigns in a chronological order (based on the world’s chronology) and make previous stories more available for others to read. For those who are or will be playing characters in this world, please respect the rules of meta-gaming. There will be another section of the wiki that contains ‘controlled’ access to historical documents that exist in the world. If your character has the ability to access these documents and makes an effort to do so, I will release them as ‘source material’ to your character both in game and via this wiki. Below you will find a direct link to the current campaign wiki page, followed soon by the chronological list of campaigns. I will try to fill in as much information on each previous campaign as I can for posterity.

Current Campaign: The New Choosing

Previous Campaigns in Elaythia

(in chronological order)

The Grasp of Fate

The Levy

The Ogre Uprising

The Secrets of Tiane

Into The Ruins at Cuetnaryn

Something Stirs in Marat

The New Choosing

Style of Play in Elaythia

Adventuring in Elaythia

This is a link to a wiki page containing more information on rule changes and overall style notes important to playing in the world of Elaythia.

The People and Places of Elaythia

The World of Elaythia

The link above contains an in-depth look at the places and people found in each region of Elaythia.

Pantheon of Elaythia

Deities of Elaythia

This is a link to a wiki page describing each of the various Deities.

Character Classes Unique to Elaythia

Classes of Elaythia

This is a link to a wiki page describing each of the various Classes.

A Word to Other DMs

Some day I may be really happy to have others use my world as a basis for their campaigns. For now, I still feel that I would like to keep control of every aspect of the story of Elaythia. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about my world, or you would like to use some of the ideas and stories from Elaythia, please contact me directly before you do. I tend to be rather open about these things.

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